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teutapic2Teuta has been a volunteer with us for 18 months and in her time has helped us with a variety of tasks including legal research and digital advice – she has been a valuable asset on our recent digital assistance pilot. I asked her a few questions as her time as a volunteer was coming to an end. Teuta has now graduated with a law degree, so it seemed a good way to start to find out how that fitted with her voluntary work.

What did you hope to achieve by volunteering?

From the outset, my primary aim was to undertake a voluntary role where I could apply my legal knowledge to help solicitors provide support to individuals facing housing issues. I also felt that learning about the law was not enough for me and that I needed to experience first-hand how the law can be used to resolve legal issues.

How has your experience delivered on your ambitions from when you started volunteering?

I can certainly say that I have been able to achieve my aim thanks to the very supportive and friendly staff at Shelter Scotland. The skills and experience I have gained since joining this organisation have definitely proven to be beneficial in helping me to secure a new job. That is why I am a firm believer that volunteering is a terrific way to learn valuable skills and to acquire new experiences.

I know we have volunteer opportunities that ask for a shorter commitment. What made you stay for so long?

The experience of volunteering for Shelter Scotland as well as the collaborative work with staff and volunteers proved thoroughly enjoyable. There was never a dull moment in the office because the role was very exciting and engaging. Moreover, it has been wonderful to see my voluntary role evolving over the past year and a half from me making a simple enquiry about volunteering into a specific role within the organisation.

And finally – what would you say to new volunteers or anyone thinking about volunteering about what you’ve learnt and how you’ve benefitted from volunteering?

I’m delighted to have been a part of Shelter Scotland since my experience there has taught me many things over the past year and a half.

I have learned how thoroughly enjoyable it is to work in a role that involves helping individuals and to work with people who are very passionate about what they do at the organisation. I got a real sense of satisfaction knowing that my volunteering helped people in some way to avoid becoming homeless. That is why I am grateful for having been given this opportunity to volunteer for Shelter Scotland because I have loved my voluntary role and the latest new project that I have been involved in [as an online chat volunteer].

Overall, my time at Shelter Scotland has certainly proven to be a valuable one because I have acquired a new experience and transferable skills that I can utilise in my future employment. However, all of that would not have been possible without the organisation’s very supportive and approachable staff to whom I am thankful for making my experience all the more enjoyable.

Fancy volunteering?

Teuta is one of our many volunteers who have made a really valuable contribution to Shelter Scotland’s work. Thank you to all our volunteers, past and present. If you’d like to volunteer or know someone who you think might enjoy volunteering with us, check our current volunteering opportunities.