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Edwin Morgan memorial lecture: Housing and Social Justice in a Progressive Scotland

On Tuesday 27 November 2012 the First Minister Alex Salmond delivered a lecture on the subject of housing and social justice. The lecture took place at the Scottish National Gallery and was in memory of the late poet Edwin Morgan and marked the 2012 commitment to equalise the right of homeless people to permanent housing. [vimeo w=500&h=280]

Lecture timeline:

Graeme Brown, Director of Shelter Scotland: 0:01 – 01:58
Richard Holloway: 01:58 – 10:35
Alex Salmond, First Minster of Scotland: 10:35 – 43:40
Q&A session: 43:40 – 1.10:52

Lecture transcript.

Find out more about the new rights for people who are homeless.


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Tom Youll

Tom Youll

I have been at Shelter Scotland for over 11 years and in my current role I write for Shelter Scotland’s Get advice. Previous to this I was a Housing Aid Worker as part of the Rough Sleeper Initiative.