Are you planning an amazing event to fundraise for Shelter Scotland? From bake sales to fashion shows, there’s loads of great ways you can fundraise for Shelter Scotland. So, whether you’re making some treats or moving your feet, here’s our A to Z guide of community fundraising to help you raise money to fight bad housing and homelessness: 

A – Art Trade Fair 

 Instead of purchasing art, people swap art and find new gems. 

B – Bingo 

Bingo is a popular and fun way of raising money for a good cause, for both adults and kids. 

C – Cake sale 

A cake sale is an excellent way to raise money, especially for those with a sweet tooth! 

D – Disco 

Discos are particularly great for kids and teenagers. You could even add a theme too.  

E – Exhibition  

Back in 2014, we showed a series of photos taken by Nick Hedges, looking at poverty in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s. 

F – Fashion Show 

Fancy yourself as Britain’s Next Top Model? Why not host a fashion show then! You could split the clothes into categories like era or occasion.  

G – Guess the ? 

People can pay a small fee to guess how many sweets are in the jar to win a prize.

H – Half marathon 

Get your running shoes on, and organise a sponsored run for charity.  

I – In-store donations 

One person’s cast offs are another’s treasure! Donate your unwanted goods to our stores. 

J – Jumble sale 

There’s nowhere like a jumble sale or clothes swap to find that unique piece your wardrobe has been missing. 

K – Karaoke competition 

If you’re seeking some recognition of your awesome vocal talents, you could organise your own X-Factor style singing contest. 

L – Lunch

Lunch is a great, and delicious, way to fundraise.

M – Music concert 

Know a great local band? Get them on board to belt out a few tunes for a good cause.  

N – Non-uniform day 

You could organise a non-uniform day, where you go to school in your casual clothing instead of school uniform. 

O – Open mic night 

Are you a budding songwriter? Are you looking to be “discovered,” or like singing covers of other artists? Then an open-mic night is for you. 

P – Pet show 

If you’ve a perfect pup or a cute cat, enter them into a charity pet show! Categories could include things like waggy-est tail.  

Q – Quiz 

Do you love a game show? Test your knowledge with a quiz. Make it general knowledge or focus it around a tv program or sport! 

R – Raffle 

Everyone loves a raffle. You never know what you might win. Donations for the prizes can be obtained by contacting local retailers, services and restaurants.  

S – Stand Up Comedy 

Last year we hosted an evening of comedy with Ed Gamble, Felicity Ward, Reginald D Hunter, Sofie Hagen and David O’Doherty. Why not run your own comedy event with some comedy sketches or best impressionist? 

T – Tournament 

Host a tournament of something with a small entry fee. This could be a sport or gaming.   

U – University Challenge 

If knowledge is your thing, then try a general knowledge quiz with your peers.  

V – Variety show 

Impress everyone with your talents in a Britain’s Got Talent style event.  

W – Wear red day 

Red is our favourite colour. Wear it with pride, and donate a small amount of money to wear at work or school for the day.  

X – X marks the spot 

Embrace your inner pirate, and search for some treasure! (We’ll pass on the rum though!) 

Y – Yoga 

A sponsored yoga event is the most zen way to relax, de-stress and also raise money.  

Z – Zumba-a-thon 

Get your dancing shoes on and dance during a Zumba dance-a-thon. 

Whatever kind of fundraising event you decide to have, we’re here to support you. Get in touch today for your free fundraising pack, access to our fab fundraising resources, and your very own dedicated member of Shelter Scotland staff to support you every step of the way! 

if you’re still not sure how you’d like to support us, please contact and we can give you a helping hand.