I work as a Veterans Outreach support worker, which is a partnership between Shelter Scotland and the Scottish Veterans Residence. I help veterans who are moving into their own tenancy. My clients are often starting with nothing, or very little, and have no budget to buy the things that they need most.

One of my clients has just been housed, which is great news, only problem is that they are starting from scratch and don’t have anything at all. Their most immediate need is bedding for the whole family that will fit both double and single beds.

One sad fact is that moving into an empty flat has often been cited as a reason that many veteran’s tenancies breakdown. I therefore do all I can to ensure that each client has the basics (beds, bedding, a sofa. cooker, fridge and crockery) when they move into their tenancies. I normally use other charities, but this is dependent on what they have in stock, and how much demand there is on their service at any one time.

Update: Thank you for all your kind offers, we now have bedding for the family.


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