Ever felt like you’re spending too much money keeping your home warm? Celebrated a win at reclaiming your deposit? Had a rant about your landlord? Looked for advice on your rights as a tenant? Struggled with a rent rise? Criticised the dispute resolution process? Praised your letting agent for a quick and efficient repairs service?

We want all these emotions and more. We need YOU!

If you’ve EVER had an opinion about the private rented sector, and you’re currently a private tenant, then read on. 

We’re setting up a Private Tenant Panel in Scotland.  We’re seeking up to 10 private tenants to share their views on how private renting could be improved.

You’d be asked to commit for 9 months, and take part in at least one activity a month (& more if you’d like!), via face to face, phone, email or online opportunities, such as the following:

  • Sharing your experiences of renting, e.g. through an interview, an anonymous case study, to radio interviews and podcasts
  • Testing out new digital content
  • Feeding into Government consultations
  • Helping to design and deliver a tenant event in Autumn 2017
  • Being a mystery shopper
  • Influencing the design of a new ‘Letting Agent Plus’ service model

Throughout any of the above, you will be asked to share YOUR views as a private tenant.  Your own opinions and experiences are important here – there is no wrong answer!

There’s loads more information on this, including details of expenses, confidentiality, and what you’d be expected to commit, and information on how to apply at the following link: Private tenant panel role description

Wherever you live in Scotland, whatever your age, gender, household make up, and whether you love the private rented sector and plan to stay in it forever or loathe it, we want YOU.