We have enlisted the help of iconic photographer, Rankin, to launch our bold new awareness campaign, promoting sustainable fashion and 32 charity shops across Scotland.

The ‘Less is More’ campaign celebrates the environmental and style benefits of buying second-hand, saying ‘people can be less throw out and feel more knock out’.

Fashion legend Rankin – famous for his high-end editorial work and intimate celebrity portraits – has created a series of images using items sourced from stores. The upbeat photographs capture the joy of unearthing pre-loved gems and promote some of the amazing vintage treasures on offer.

Rankin says: “Access to a safe and secure home should be a basic human right, so I am delighted to be able to lend my support to Shelter Scotland – and the amazing work they’re doing, their shops and this campaign.”

Shot in natural light and featuring two models in a range of outdoor settings, the images will be used to bring the campaign’s key aims to life; raising awareness of the growing sustainable fashion movement, highlighting our work and reinforcing the importance of giving and buying second-hand goods.

Rankin, who donated his time for free, explains: “These images help share the joy of buying pre-loved pieces. The images we’ve created encapsulate the sense of creativity and freedom that comes from finding pre-loved treasures. The campaign aims to highlight Shelter Scotland stores and the importance of their commitment to sustainable fashion.”

Our Director, Alison Watson, says: “We’re thrilled to announce this extraordinary collaboration with such an iconic British photographer. Our shops offer sustainable style for all and the Less is More campaign brings that to the fore – marrying fashion, sustainability, and social impact.

“We were keen to show off the beauty of second-hand finds – which give shoppers the chance to find a look that’s unique to them and make a real difference in so many ways.

“Scotland is in a housing emergency- with record levels of homelessness, rising rents and more children forced to grow up without a safe home, our charity shops have an important job to do. Every time you shop with Shelter Scotland, you are supporting our fight for home.”

You can share your own thrifted finds on social media, using the hashtag #ShelterScotlandShopFind.