What a year it’s been. Another unpredictable year full of change has only reminded us how crucial a safe home really is. We wanted to take the time to acknowledge the huge impact that our campaigners have had, fighting for housing justice in 2022.

With their help we managed to push for a safer housing system across Scotland. Tens of thousands of campaigners are part of a movement to end Scotland’s housing emergency and create a future where a safe, permanent home is available for everyone. Want to join them? Sign up to become a campaigner on our website: Fight for home – Shelter Scotland.

As we approach the end of 2022 and reflect on these four major campaign wins, we’re reminded just why our fight for home is so important.

1. Thanks to the collective pressure of more than 12,300 people across Scotland, city leaders from across the political divide pledged to build social housing. A huge win!

Ahead of local elections in 2022, we raised our voices to say that when it comes to ending homelessness, our council leaders should be bricking it. Thousands of people across the country signed our petitions and campaigned on the streets to demand that councils build the social homes they have promised. Read more about this here.

2. Thousands emailed the First Minister, putting pressure on her to do more to tackle the housing emergency. Thanks to their support, she met with us in our Edinburgh office and read our call for a housing emergency action plan.

Together, we demanded the First Minister goes further than enforcing a rent freeze and eviction ban over winter, and that long-term, sustainable solutions are put in place to protect people who are homeless right now.

3. Thousands signed our petitions on campaign days in cities across the country to demand that councils build the social homes they’ve already planned.

Getting our campaign out and onto the streets helped us build momentum, engage more supporters like you, and make your powerful voices heard.

4. And thanks to our supporters sharing our online housing advice with friends and family, thousands have accessed crucial support in difficult times.

Thousands across the country were encouraged to read our online housing advice thanks to our campaigners, helping people understand their rights and arm them with the knowledge and support they need to fight for housing justice.

Right now, everyone should have a safe haven to keep them warm and welcome the people they love. With you on the team in 2023, together we’ll push hard to tackle the housing emergency.
We will always take a stand when those in power don’t step up. And as a community of tens of thousands, we’ll keep fighting until we win.

Join the fight for home and campaign with us in 2023: Fight for home – Shelter Scotland