Over the past month we’ve been shouting about the arrival of the new Private Residential Tenancy, which has seen the world of private renting changed for the better. Open-ended leases and an end to ‘no-fault’ evictions, among other changes, are all part of important new legislation to make private renting more secure for tenants.

But it wasn’t an easy road that got us here – nor was it a short one! In fact, Shelter Scotland began campaigning to transform the Private Rented Sector around 10 years ago, when we flagged up the power imbalance between landlord and tenant that meant many private renters lacked the security of a long-term home. What we have today is a much-needed update to a system that was becoming unfit for purpose.

We wanted to share the journey with you. Check out the infographic below to see how years of work paved the way for the Private Residential Tenancy:

Private Residential Tenancy Timeline infographic