Hannah has been a volunteer for Shelter Scotland in Edinburgh since June 2023, usually for four hours a week, helping the Fundraising Team with administrative duties. She is also a second-year student of Paramedic Science at university and works part-time as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties and, when she has the time, practices Taekwondo.

As part of her studies, Hannah was encouraged to find a third-sector organisation to volunteer with, to learn more about the important role that they play in society.

Being a long-time supporter of the work of Shelter Scotland already, Hannah was keen to get involved and learn more about the work it does.

“I’ve donated to Shelter Scotland for a number of years, so they were my first choice.”

When Hannah saw Shelter Scotland fundraisers on the street one Christmas, she spoke to them and found out more about what the charity does to help tackle homelessness and the housing emergency.

“It always stuck in my mind; it could happen to anyone.”

While she could volunteer from home, Hannah says that she prefers to go into the office in Edinburgh where she gets to know the team in person and find out about the work of other departments too.

“I’m getting a better and richer experience by going into the office.”

Hannah has really enjoyed learning about the importance of fundraising in the work that Shelter Scotland does, a charity that she has supported as a donor for years and feels that volunteering is very important in the third sector. “I think volunteering at any level is important,” she says.

As a support worker, Hannah’s work is usually face-to-face while her volunteering role is more administrative, and she enjoys using a mix of different skills in her work, studies and volunteering. As a bank support worker, Hannah gets to pick her shifts and during the summer she took Mondays off work and dedicated that day to Shelter Scotland volunteering.

“I think the people that work and volunteer at Shelter Scotland reflect the values of the organisation, It’s such a welcoming and friendly place.”

As part of her course, Hannah was on an ambulance placement from March to May this year and really enjoyed it. “The sheer volume of information is scary,” she says, but she loved it. Her next placement starts in October, and she is looking forward to it.

As a Shelter Scotland volunteer, Hannah helped recruit people to do The KiltWalk by approaching different universities, societies and walking groups and asking them to get involved. She and the team then successfully supported people to take part in the fundraising activity and raise money for Shelter Scotland. She also successfully secured prizes for a raffle.

“As a volunteer I’ve felt welcomed just as much as any staff member. It has been such a positive experience.”