We’ve launched a new private renting in Scotland advice  topic hub. This is the first of several hub pages which aims to bring together advice from across our get advice pages together in a new hub, which makes it easier for users to quickly find the information they need. The advice is organised in a guide format, which hopefully enables users to read and digest information in a step-by-step process.

Private renting in Scotland hub

Our new topic hub brings common advice about renting privately together in one place

Why have we done this?

We know from our own user research and testing that users scan content rather than read from top to bottom and we also know from industry research that long pages of text causes users to switch off and abandon websites.

If you take our advice on your rights when renting privately as an example; currently when a user is looking for advice on a deposit, they hopefully land on a deposit page usually from a search engine. That information leads them to have questions about their tenancy and they might need to then find information on repairs in their home. Currently those two pages are in two completely separate sections of advice, repairs and paying for a home, but the user might expect them to be together.


Private renting advice is spread over several sections on our existing advice pages.

This new hub aims to bring all that advice content together in one place. We know some users may need more in-depth advice and hopefully we can point them to our existing advice pages should they need to find out more. Further down the line we’ll triage further advice seekers to our existing pages, the helpline, advice through social media, or chat advice. This should give the user a range of options where they can head to, for further help.

We’re testing things and need your feedback

We’ve spoken to many of you during the build and writing of the content but we know that things might still need refining – so please give us feedback good or bad! You can comment below, give me a shout on Twitter, or use the feedback survey on the bottom of every page.