Breaking the cycle of child poverty

How do you break free from a cycle of poverty when you grow up in a home that makes you ill and reduces your chance of going to and finishing school?

More than one in five children in Scotland – 220,000 to be exact – currently experience relative poverty after housing costs are taken into account. Not taking into account housing costs, roughly 17 per cent (or 160,000) of children in Scotland lived in relative poverty in 2014/15. Housing costs alone, therefore, drove an additional 60,000 children into poverty in 2014/15. (more…)

Social Security – the chance for a new approach in Scotland

The Scottish Government recently launched a consultation on what will be the new Scottish Social Security System which will deliver devolved benefits in Scotland. This development comes on the back of the Smith Commission which was set up after the Scottish referendum and is part of a host of new powers recommended to be devolved to Scotland. The Scottish Government now has a unique opportunity to begin building a system that will improve the lives of thousands of people in Scotland and make real and tangible progress towards reducing social inequalities – and this consultation marks the start of that process. (more…)

Finding our way with Glasgow Peer Support

In November 2015, Glasgow Housing Support and Prevention Services were given an opportunity to explore the issue of repeat homelessness in Glasgow and to reflect on our role locally in helping those with the most complex needs. We were given the space and resources to embark on an 18 month action research project that would be underpinned by the notion that we have a lot to learn from people, not about them; the Glasgow Participation Project kicked off in January 2016. (more…)

Guest Blog: Meeting housing demand, raising standards: social landlords and the private rented sector

Weslo were one of the first social landlords in Scotland to venture into the private rented sector market. Ahead of next week’s Shelter Scotland conference on the private rented sector – sponsored by Weslo Housing Management – Mike Bruce, Weslo’s Chief Executive, shares his perspective on this move.

Firstly, any social landlord looking to make the move into the private rented sector needs to study their local market very carefully. Markets vary from area to area – rural, semi-rural or cities – and different dynamics will apply in different areas. In many of the big cities, for example, there are already many big providers and the aspiring RSL needs to be sure about where it will fit.  (more…)