Professionalising the PRS whilst supporting its ‘accidental’ landlords

In my role as Private Landlord Support Officer in Dundee, I work with many different landlords and Letting Agents.  The size of the portfolio and nature of their queries can vary greatly but whatever their circumstances, I am here to support them to be the best they can be.

I think it is important to stress that I wholly support ‘professionalising’ standards within the PRS.  I also passionately feel ‘rogue’ landlords and agents who are unwilling to meet their requirements and exploit their (often vulnerable) tenants should be driven out of the sector by tough, targeted enforcement, allowing their law abiding competitors to prosper.  This is only fair to those landlords who comply with their obligations and dedicate the necessary time and money to do so. (more…)

Social security post-consultation

At the end of October, Shelter Scotland submitted our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on social security. We appreciated this opportunity to help shape the new Scottish system and cannot overstate the importance of the Scottish Government making best use of the responses they received. Among these, some of the most important responses will be from those who are currently receiving the payments due to be devolved and whose voices and experiences we’ve worked to reflect in our response. After this, the voices of experts and benefit administrators themselves are valuable in designing a system that works properly for those who need it, while treating people with the utmost dignity and respect. (more…)

House completion party in Dunoon

I was lucky enough to go on a day trip across the water to Dunoon the other week.  I’d been invited by Argyll and Bute’s Empty Homes Officer Kelly Ferns. Kelly was in cahoots with one of her empty homes owners – Suzy. They’d put on an afternoon ‘prosecco party’ to celebrate the completion of the renovation project. Lots of people joined the party, including the press.   (more…)