What makes a house a home?

What makes a house a home? This is the question we’ve been mulling over with members of our private tenants forum for the last year or so. Whether we’ve been chatting to parents, to students, to child-free folk, to older people or to younger people, the same themes emerge time and time again. People want safe, secure, affordable homes within a community. They want their children to be secure, they want to be able to get to work, and they want to be able to visit friends and family. (more…)

Levelling the playing field in the private rented sector

Private landlords in Scotland have seen remarkable change over the past ten years. We’ve grown in number, helping to house an ever-increasing percentage of Scotland’s population. In fact, Scottish private landlords now house more households in Scotland than local authorities, providing much needed investment in improving housing stock after other sources of funding dried up. (more…)