Private renting in Scotland: your house, your home?

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with folk with experience of private renting in Scotland to understand more about how they feel about their housing, using photography. We wanted to find new ways to hear from groups of people who might not normally take part in government consultations or policy reviews. We wanted to put the power (and the camera!) in their hands to truly understand what they want to change and how we can support that. (more…)

Empty homes event of the year is all the Buzz…

The agenda for this year’s Scottish Empty Homes Conference is well and truly packed.

Quite a number of music-heads around the Shelter Scotland offices are particularly stoked about the afternoon keynote address which will be given jointly by John Maher (former drummer for the Buzzcocks turned photographer) and Brian Whitington of Tighean Innse Gall.  John Maher has taken some stunning photos of abandoned croft houses in the Western Isles with household objects hauntingly left in situ as though the previous owners just vanished in the midst of everyday life.  His photos have already been displayed at various events across Scotland and Tighean Innse Gall have embarked on a project to breathe new life into some of these empty homes to stimulate local jobs as well as to demonstrate that these overlooked properties can provide viable, fuel efficient homes that people want to live in. (more…)

Breaking the cycle of child poverty

How do you break free from a cycle of poverty when you grow up in a home that makes you ill and reduces your chance of going to and finishing school?

More than one in five children in Scotland – 220,000 to be exact – currently experience relative poverty after housing costs are taken into account. Not taking into account housing costs, roughly 17 per cent (or 160,000) of children in Scotland lived in relative poverty in 2014/15. Housing costs alone, therefore, drove an additional 60,000 children into poverty in 2014/15. (more…)