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Anne Connor
Anne is the Chief Executive of Out of the Box in Glasgow.

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By Anne Connor

Conversation and community

Anne Connor, Chief Executive of Outside the Box, talks of her experience attending Shelter Scotland’s first ‘Conversation Cafe’ – which continues our work with the vulnerable people we support to help inform and improve our services and ensure their needs are met. Continue reading

Janice Blenkinsopp
Janice is a research associate with Heriott Watt University in Edinburgh.

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By Janice Blenkinsopp

The impact of welfare changes for single young people

In our guest blog, Janice Blenkinsopp talks about her research into the housing options for the often overlooked demographic of low-income adults aged 25-34 following recent welfare changes and the potential implications for our understanding of what it means to be an adult in modern day Scotland. Continue reading

Frances Snee

By Frances Snee

Empty Homes Advice Service – One year on

I realised this morning that it’s been a year to the day that I arrived at the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership to work on the Empty Homes Advice Service.  It certainly doesn’t feel like it.  It has been a busy time and the months have flown by.   Continue reading

Adam Lang
Adam is Head of Communications and Policy at Shelter Scotland.

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By Adam Lang

Homes must be at the heart of Scotland’s new social security system

Access to a safe, secure and affordable home is a fundamental human right and is critical to people’s health, prosperity and wellbeing. However, many people in Scotland today don’t have a home and too many people currently fall through the gaps in our housing safety net. Continue reading

Debbie King
Debbie is the Campaigns & Public Affairs Officer based in our Edinburgh office.

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By Debbie King

Where now for service user involvement?

At our joint event on 20 April called ‘Housing and Homelessness: Where now for service user involvement?’ we wanted to:

  • learn more about co-production and service user involvement;
  • meet more people involved in this work or those wanting to do more
  • listen to what service users and volunteers have to say.

Continue reading

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