What is disrepair?

Disrepair is the poor condition of a building or structure, due to neglect. Many tenants experience common disrepair problems while renting such as damp, mould, infestations, boiler and structural problems.

How to prevent your home falling into disrepair

Damp and Mould

  • Cover pans while cooking
  • Don’t leave your kettle boiling
  • Avoid using paraffin and portable gas heaters
  • Dry clothes outdoors where possible
  • Close kitchen / bathroom doors while in use
  • Use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Draughtproof your property’s windows and external doors
  • Consider secondary glazing on all windows
  • Insulate your loft


  • Store food in airtight containers with rubber seals on the lids
  • Keep trash can lids tight and move to outside wheelie bins as soon as possible
  • Inspect your home for holes / cracks in walls then fill and seal these as soon as possible
  • Clean counter tops, tables and floors on a regular basis to prevent crumbs or food build-up
  • Vacuum your home regularly
  • Keep trees and bushes away from your building as this can give pests an easier way indoors
  • Use pest control products from your DIY store, such as sprays to prevent an existing problem from getting worse

Boiler Problems

  • Keep your heating consistently on low when it’s very cold outside
  • Service your boiler and keep it maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Turn off services when your property is unoccupied
  • Lag your pipes – these pipe coverings can be installed before winter sets in, and can be purchased for as little as £1 a metre from a DIY store.
  • Bleed your radiators
  • Keep the pressure up

Structural Problems

  • Plant tree shrubs and roots far away from your home
  • Time your sprinkler and watering systems for use twice a day only
  • Drain water away from your home 

What to do when you discover disrepair

If you discover disrepair in your home, always speak to your landlord before calling in a professional.

We can help with all kinds of housing issues, from disrepair to landlord disputes and everything in between. If you’d like some advice, take a look at the web advice section on our website, chat to us online or give us a call.