With the cost-of-living crisis making headlines on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that housing issues are among the top priorities for adults in Scotland ahead of tomorrow’s local elections.

Even without household incomes being strained to breaking point as inflation bites, Scotland was already experiencing a housing emergency. The situation is dire for many.

In our recent survey, conducted by YouGov, respondents were asked to state which issues were most important for their local area. Nearly a quarter, 23%, listed housing among their top three priorities, with only the economy and health ranking higher.

Of course, those three issues (the economy, health, and housing) are linked on a fundamental level and together they paint a picture of the pressure that communities in Scotland are under.

This is why Shelter Scotland has been campaigning across the country and urging city leaders to make the delivery of social housing a priority for the coming term. Only by providing more good quality, genuinely affordable, homes for social rent can we meaningfully address the housing emergency affecting communities across the country.

The same survey also showed that an overwhelming 80% of adults in Scotland believe that everyone should have the right to a permanent home. Again, that isn’t going to happen without more social homes.

Throughout our campaign, city leaders from across the country and from across the political divide have pledged to make that ambition a reality once the votes cast tomorrow are counted. That’s a positive start and should give voters hope as they head to their polling station.

It’s not the end of the story though, as those who have pledged to deliver will need to be held to account to ensure they stick to their promises. Their constituents will have big expectations of them tomorrow, as they should do. There’s no denying there’s much work to be done, and Shelter Scotland recognises the scale of the challenge, but promises have been made and those who find themselves in office after tomorrow’s vote have a responsibility to deliver.